MotorKool Authorised Mechanical Partner Application

Motorkool is looking for applications to join our Authorised Mechanical Partners for our summer Free Coolant Flush & Vehicle Health Check campaign. Simply fill in the below form with your business details, and we'll be in touch to discuss the opportunity.
Become a MK Authorised Repairer
Promotion Terms & Conditions

Mechanical workshop must register with APG to be a part of the promotion. By registering as an authorised workshop, you are agreeing to APG’s standard terms and conditions, which can be found on www.apg.com.au. Offer only applies for radiator sales and fitment between October 1st 2020 and March 31st 2021. Each registered service value is paid by APG in the form of $30 labour (credit off account) and the supply of 5L coolant and 500ml flush.Mechanical workshop must register each fitment with APG via our online form. By registering the fitment, the workshop and the customer agree to APG’s standard terms and conditions. This agreement is consent for APG to save and store contact details with the purpose of sending service reminder and general marketing material in the future. All registrations will be tallied at the end of March 2021 and the service product total (5L coolant and 500ml flush per service registered) will be supplied in April 2021. In 11 months’ time, the workshop and customer will be sent a book-in reminder from APG (email and/or SMS).Mechanical workshop must register when each service is completed with APG via our online form.Once the completed service registration has been approved, a credit for the service labour value ($30) will be applied to the stockist’s account, to pass on to mechanic. Or directly onto the mechanic’s APG account. 

APG Terms & Conditions

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